To effectively donate for our arrangement, you have to make sure that the donation is kept in an envelope; it should be left in a clear view so that it can be easier for me to see when I arrive.

For the meeting to be fully enjoyable, you must make sure that you are freshly showered; you have a nice smell, fresh breath and well-groomed. Being respectful and a gentleman should always be in your mind. You will also be rewarded for your generosity, kindness, and chivalry.

The donations are not negotiable, and they are meant to pay for the time we will spend together and the companionship.

You can as well make your bookings at short notice. Instead of emailing me to check my availability, you should choose to call because I only check my emails twice a day.

You can send tickets of adoration through this email
I’ll appreciate if you make advanced bookings for longer dates or travel.